Craig Reucassel – Speaking Competitions

Craig Reucassel

If you get involved in debating and public speaking you will definitely go on to rule the world. Guaranteed.

Craig Reucassel is an Australian writer and comedian who is best known for his work on television’s The Chaser program.

He was a member of the Bowral High School debating team and attended debating camps and events organised by the Arts Unit. As a student living outside of the Sydney metropolitan area, these gave him the opportunity to meet other debaters and public speakers and gain further experience. As a member of the Combined High Schools (CHS) debating team (1992-1993) he also had access to great coaching and competition.

Craig Reucassel was a NSW finalist in the Plain English Speaking Award (1992-1993).

While attending university Craig Reucassel continued his involvement with the Arts Unit, coaching debating students and adjudicators. He travelled to regional NSW to run workshops for primary and high school students and also coached CHS debating teams and adjudicated public speaking and debating competitions.

He says, ‘The growth of debating and public speaking has been a huge achievement. I was unaware of debating or public speaking until I was in Year 9. Today children in primary school are competing in both from Year 3. I would love to see more schools involved, where all students are able to make speeches in competitions like the Multicultural Perspectives Public Speaking. Far from being an elite pursuit it is a crucial skill that all children should have the opportunity to try.

Debating and public speaking has introduced me to many interesting people, whether they were from different schools around NSW or from different universities around the world. It helped me to form arguments, research and think on my feet – skills I still occasionally use. Today I still work with many of the people that I met through debating’.